This is a list of instances and users that are silenced/suspended on
This is inspired by the work of Toot Café, Cybrespace and Mastocafé.

If you need to contact us, feel free to send an email at kdy [at] im-in [dot] space or toot at Kody.

Last update: 2019-09-14 14:54 (UTC)

Silencing a user or instance is making sure they don’t appear in public timelines. You can still follow them.
Suspending a user or instance means we wont federate at all with them. You can’t follow them.
Rejecting media means we won’t save a copy of their pictures or videos on our server. Some 3rd party apps might break with this since the media is missing.

The spam list

All those users are suspended for sending spam messages or creating a profile with advertisement links.

Local Users

| User | Reason | |——|——–|

External Users

Feel free to follow silenced users if they don’t bother you.

User 😶 / 🚫 Reason 😶 Silence Lewd and offensive bot 😶 Silence Verbose news bot 😶 Silence Verbose news bot 😶 Silence Verbose news bot 😶 Silence Bot flooding the federated timeline 😶 Silence Only NSFW, appears too much in federated timeline 😶 Silence Verbose bot 😶 Silence Because lolis of course 😶 Silence Verbose bot (and with some formating issues) 😶 Silence Verbose news bot 😶 Silence Verbose bot 😶 Silence Verbose news bot 😶 Silence Verbose news bot 😶 Silence Verbose bot 🚫 Suspend Strong homo/transphobia
federationbot@* 🚫 Suspend Admins, please use relays! 🚫 Suspend Auto-Boosting bot 🚫 Suspend Death threats, strong xenophobia 🚫 Suspend Mass follow bot 🚫 Suspend Strong homo/transphobia


This list is now shown in the “About More” page.

Note: By “controversial content” we mean that the instance doesn’t have a good moderation and we did notice xenophobia, hate speech and other content that might break French Law.
We’re playing safe by suspending some of them after review.